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Backed by years of extensive international training at medical institutions around the world, Dr Angeline Yong is a dermatologist based in Singapore who seeks to provide all-round dermatological services and treatments with her signature personalised care. Combining her passion for dermatology, her clinic offers personalised solutions for skin, hair and nails with proven methods.


Dr Yong is a specialist in dermatological and laser surgery, cosmetic dermatology, hair and nail disorders including hair transplantation. She is also trained in dealing with skin cancers and Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancers. Having served over a decade in public service, Dr Yong brings her expertise and craft to her own clinic and champions healthy skin and hair for everyone.


Comprehensive Skin Solutions At Angeline Yong Dermatology

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    We don’t take shortcuts, and we recommend only the necessary procedures according to what you need for a cost effective treatment. Providing only the best quality specialist care, Dr Yong’s passion as a dermatologist ensures that each patient receives the attention they deserve followed by modern techniques and best practices in cosmetic, surgical and medical dermatology available in the market.

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    We treat people, not conditions. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and often the most visible indicator of our health. Based in Singapore, Dr Yong offers comprehensive care that encompasses surgical, medical and cosmetic skin solutions in her dermatology clinic.

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    We treat you. And any regimen of treatment Dr Yong recommends applies only to you. From acne scars to skin cancers, we aim to understand your concerns and conditions first before tailoring our treatments specially for you. Our diagnostic process includes deep skin and lifestyle analyses to optimise the treatment for each individual patient for cost effective skin solutions.

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