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In addition to being the largest organ of the body, skin is the first thing people notice about a person. At Angeline Yong Dermatology, we want to ensure that your skin is looking healthy and beautiful, showing the world exactly who you are. Whether you are seeking medical attention or a rejuvenated appearance, our range of innovative and personalised treatments will help you feel good in your skin.

With comprehensive solutions for a wide range of dermatologic conditions involving the skin, hair and nails, our clinic incorporates up-to-date technologies and treatments to create an effective regimen that works for your skin type and skin issue, helping you achieve desired and lasting results. As a trained, MOH-accredited dermatologist, Dr Angeline Yong is able to manage your skin issues from head to toe, and use a combination of medical, surgical and cosmetic solutions to deliver optimal outcomes for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Dr Angeline Yong has her own bespoke skincare range to cater to every individual’s needs and skin type. This has been developed meticulously over time and has been personally tested by Dr Yong. As a dermatologist and working mother, she believes in a skin care routine that is simple, yet restores your skin health, and builds skin resilience. Based on your skin type and skin issues, Dr Yong will customise a skin care regime to suit you and your lifestyle as well as personal preferences.

The core AYD skincare range is a collection of paraben-free, sodium lauryl sulfate free and mineral oil free products. All ingredients used are medical grade and scientifically proven to work.

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