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Nails can also be partly or completely removed by surgical nail avulsion. It is used to remove a nail that is causing symptoms that are not improving by other means.

Conditions requiring surgical nail avulsion:

  • Complete nail destruction due to fungal infection
  • Thickened nail due to multiple causes, e.g. congenital, ageing, tight shoes, psoriasis
  • Ingrown nail

Surgical nail avulsion however is not completely successful at curing fungal nail infection, as fungi may be growing in the nail matrix under the proximal nail fold. This becomes obvious as the nail begins to grow out again, hence concurrent treatment with topical and/or oral antifungal agents may also be required. It is also not an effective treatment for an inflammatory nail disease such as psoriasis.


Ingrowing nails are also a common problem and occur when the edge of the nail grows into flesh at the side of the nail, causing a painful injury. The punctured skin can become inflamed and infected. Sometimes a CO2 lateral matricectomy may be performed on top of a partial or complete surgical nail avulsion to relieve symptoms and prevent regrowth of the nail edge or recurrence of the ingrowing nail.

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