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The EnerJet 2.0 is a unique energy-based platform which offers treatment solutions for all scar types including acne scars, keloid and hypertrophic scars, white stretch marks, neck lines and even offers a unique non-surgical facelift solution.

One solution. Many indications.

EnerJet uses Jet Volumetric Remodeling (JVR) technology – a high-pressure jet technology to laterally introduce healing agents deep into the dermal layer of the skin for a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic indications. This single, innovative, non-thermal and non-surgical solution is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body. EnerJet is ideal for kinetic facelifts, scar repair and dermal thickening. EnerJet solutions are proven to deliver superior and long-lasting clinical results.

How does EnerJet work?

A healing compound such as a hyaluronic acid filler is administered deeply into the dermis using powerful jet technology without any use of needles. The healing compound, combined with kinetic energy, creates a controlled micro trauma, which results in stimulation of the body’s natural healing response. The jet disperses into the target zone to cover 100 times the area of a single 32G needle entry point, leaving minimal signs on the outer layer of the skin (only 200 microns). This completely needle-free procedure is relatively painless and extremely tolerable compared to traditional steroid injections of scars, or injection of fillers, and patients can even have the procedure done without prior administration of topical anaesthesia. EnerJet is also designed to be suitable for even the most delicate areas of the skin, such as cheeks, around the eyes, lips, forehead, chin, neck, décolleté, and back of the hands.

In addition, because of its unique JVR technology, Enerjet is also a relatively painless drug-delivery device which can be used as a needle-free method to adminster certain therapeutic substances such as botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis which traditionally can be more painful to administer over certain areas like the palms.


Safety is one of the leading advantages of JVR technology. Because it is active in the dermis, damage to the epidermis is avoided. The tiny entry points are up to only 200 microns, and no needles are used. As only the target skin layer of the dermis is treated with minimal damage to the epidermis, the unique JVR technology enables treatment of all skin types, all year round, without any risk of burns.

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