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Moles can be removed for both medical and cosmetic reasons, however any suspicious moles with changes in size, shape, colour, or which is symptomatic with itch and/or bleeding should be examined by a trained dermatologist. Only after careful examination with a dermatoscope will your dermatologist be able to advise you on whether a biopsy or close photographic monitoring is required.

Moles can however be removed for cosmetic reasons once your dermatologist ascertains that they are benign. The different treatment options will be discussed in detail with you and a treatment plan can be made based on your preference, location and type of mole.

Surgical biopsy or excision

If a mole is suspicious, the lesion should be removed surgically and sent for formal analysis to check for the presence of any cancer cells. This can be carried out safely under local anaesthesia in our clinic with on-site surgical facilities.

Laser removal

If a mole is deemed benign, options include the cosmetic removal of moles via laser surgery which has the benefit of not leaving a linear surgical scar. At AYD, we use a range of lasers to treat varying types of moles in isolation or in combination. The suitability of each type of mole to laser removal will be ascertained by Dr Yong, and will be thoroughly discussed with you prior to you deciding on proceeding with treatment.

Dr Yong uses an alexandrite laser and/or a Co2 laser to remove flat moles or skin-coloured raised moles. Most moles will require 1-2 treatments. This can be done under local anaesthesia with a quick and simple procedure. A combination of the two lasers can also be used to remove raised coloured moles safely and effectively. This is especially recommended for raised coloured moles in certain locations such as the nose or lips which are more cosmetically-sensitive.

With our on-site surgical and laser facilities, Dr Yong who is a fellowship-trained dermatological surgeon is able to perform same day mole removal safely and effectively via surgical excision or laser surgery.

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