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How Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Works

Available in Singapore, Fractional CO2 laser is one of many innovative approaches to ablative skin resurfacing, which promotes rejuvenation of ageing skin and removal of acne scars. This laser treatment makes use of the “fractional photothermolysis” principle by creating many small laser-puncture holes in the skin.

The procedure only injures a fraction of the skin, leaving behind normal skin in the surroundings of the laser-punctured holes. After the treatment, these small laser-puncture holes will appear as tiny, faint spots on the skin. As there are lots of normal skin present between puncture holes, the cells found in the normal skin begins to repair the holes and heals itself more rapidly. Due to this healing process, the result is the formation of new collagen to improve skin appearance like wrinkles, pigmented spots and surgical scars.

Conditions treated with fractional CO2 laser

  • Acne and other atrophic scars
  • Superficial benign skin growths
  • Photoageing (fine lines, rough texture, superficial pigmentation)




Deka Smartxide Touch laser

At the core of Smartxide Touch laser lies an RF CO2 source empowered by PSD technology that produces fractional laser pulses in variable pulse shapes, peak powers, energy and duration. It is recommended for anti-aging, acne and surgical scars, pigmented lesions, skin tightening, wrinkles, skin surgery and laser-assisted hair transplantation.

The additional bipolar radiofrequency delivered by its special spacers also allows the generation of selective heating with a deep and localised action on the skin. This enhances the effect of CO2 laser treatment by enhancing tissue remodelling in-depth, toning flabbiness and even stimulating fibroblast activity to produce new collagen. This enables the doctor to tighten skin while assisting in the removal of scars and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and wrinkles, which results in beautiful and radiant skin.

The Deka Smartxide’s DOT/RF therapy goes deep into the skin’s layers, providing results that go far and beyond from fractional resurfacing. It operates safely and effectively with the ability to penetrate multiple layers of skin to ensure the best end result. With the combination of laser and radio frequency technology at Angeline Yong Dermatology in Singapore, patients will be able to experience deeper skin repair and renewal for a healthier skin.

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